AB   - Okay.  Are you?
RDF - Yes

AB   - Very similar to HEMINGWAY
RDF - Ha!

AB   - Very good
I made a documentary screenplay.

RDF - It is published?
Or has it been shown?

AB   - It is to do it in the property Vigía the same thing that you will see in my book when you read it.

AB   - The museum director (Adam Long) should know about this.
I wrote to the museum there but I have not received any reply.
Maybe they could sell the book as they do in the museum of Bone Cay.
In both languages. These are the stories, like mine, that are not so important about Hemingway.

        - Thank you for helping me in the promotion, one does not make money with this but my satisfaction is that the story is known before my generation disappears.
I can only print very few books 10 out of 10 because I am retired and I only receive very little from the SS but I still try to do for culture.

RDF - It is of cultural importance.

      A Conversation with Alfedo Ballester 25 February 2017

Alfredo Ballester - AB
Rose Dale Farm - RDF

(Rose Dale Farm has purchased Ernest Hemingway and the Neighborhood Kids for its library.)

AB   - Greetings as soon as the book arrives, let me know, please.
RDF - Good morning. Yes sir !

        (In an earlier conversation Alfredo was asked when he planned his next trip to Cuba.)
AB   - It is possible that I participate in Hemingway's next international colloquium in Havana Cuba, it depends.
RDF - That’s exciting ! Please keep me informed.

Rose Dale Farm

AB   - It’s very expensive and nobody sponsors it I wrote to Andy Garcia.
It will make a movie about the old one and the sea in 80 millions.
He could sponsor my documentary.
No one has filmed about the history of my book.

RDF - I see. This is very important for you and for the story!

AB   - This would be the voice of:

AB  - Ernest Hemingway house museum in Cuba
Visit the house of Ernest Hemingway, Museum Vigia Estate. 
Voice of Aramís Taboada Estevez
Listen to it.

RDF - Yes

Definitely, Ballester has successfully told us the story of his childhood years and his friends of the time, in their experiences with one of the towering figures of universal literature: American writer Ernest Hemingway. And I use the term “successfully” because he managed to spontaneously add a human dimension to an intellectual who won a Nobel Literature Prize. The author of this book not only narrated his experiences with this famous writer from whose estate, in the company of his homeboys, he snatched and savored juicy mangoes. Ballester also opened the doors of our minds when he revealed a good father-and-son relationship through his intimate bonds with his dad. Life lessons can be found in this unique book. In its final pages, this piece shows graphic illustrations of parts of its story.  - The Amazon Book Review

 AB  - Here in Miami there is an historical museum that has many original documents of Hemingway's.

        - Was when Mary took things from Cuba and when he arrived in the USA could not pay for everything and then the owner of the ship was left with a container and from there have circulated many things from Hemingway, including documents of World War II.

RDF - What is the website?

AB   - When I went to Cuba they let me enter the house, something that is not allowed but since I had visited Hemingway's house in (my earlier) life because they left me, they even put their record player.

(Ernest Hemingway. His original record player (courtesy of Alfredo A. Ballester).
AB   - The Hemingway record player still works 60 years later. It is a privilege to be able to listen to this music.

          (Above: What is the website?)
        - From the museum?
RDF - Yes
AB   - I do not remember but on Facebook is the owner.
RDF - Yes 

          ( AB remembers:)
Historical Cuban Museum
Buying, Selling & Trading Real Estate & Collectibles since 1973 .. EXCHANGING? U HAVE FOR? U WANT ... Making Every One Happy! Got to? Call 305-613-0784
Listen to the turntable, the music that Hemingway listened to and incredibly still the equipment works. The señor participates in the contests of Hemingway in Bone Cay.
Maybe you know him.
Joseph Algazi Pino

RDF - I do not.
AB   - If you contact him, he tells you that it was through me.
RDF - But I think I've seen him on the Internet.
AB   - Is possible, he also looks like Hemingway.
RDF - I see.

AB - I am member of several academies of both history and cultures and counselor of the UNESCO culture center of Puerto Rico. I also want to make a center of UNESCO culture in the city of Miami.
      - I have received many awards and even I was going to receive an Honoris Causa but when I was asked for 87 dollars I did not want it because it would be thought to be bought.

RDF - Es importante que lo guarde después. (It is important that you keep it for later.)

Bed and Breakfast

AB   - Well, I do not steal your time anymore, you've already seen the things I have about Hemingway. And I am proud to be one of the few who were alive at that time.
That's why I make it known because later I'll be back in the silence of oblivion.

RDF - Thank you very much for your time, Alfredo. I appreciate it a lot. I look forward to talking with you soon.

AB   - But I have had no support from any Hemingway foundation.  It is painful
not even to print a book.
The blue-nosed 
museo takes the best part of the gain.

AB   - I only receive less than 2 dollars for each issue
And links like 7 dollars for each copy, but hey, my interest is that they know the book even sent them signed.

Can put on your page everything I sent you, the interview with the grandson, the music, whatever you want.

RDF - Thank you, sir. I look forward to reading your book.

AB   - Okay, have a nice day.
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( Next: Review of Ernest Hemingway and the Neighborhood Kids )

AB   - Niguna foundation or association of Hemingway has wanted to sponsor it and much less the grandson to put you interest.
        - Maybe the granddaughter who is an actress would like but I have not been able to contact her.  When I present the book we call the grandson and record the conversation.

RDF - Very exciting !

AB   - Conversation with John Hemingway (grandson of Ernest Hemingway)
Phone conversation with John Hemingway, grandson of the Nobel Prize for Literature Ernest Hemingway, at the presentation of the book by Alfredo A. Ballester: Ernest Hemingway and the Neighborhood Kids.

RDF - Interview with John Hemingway?
AB   - Yes
RDF - May I show this in FB?

AB   - Yeah right.
And make a comment.

RDF - Yes